Services offered

The experience accumulated in the performance of translations to/from all languages, the team of numerous specialised translators, the use of cutting edge hardware and software products allow Orchid-94 to guarantee full and swift services in the area of translation and interpretation.


Orchid-94, thanks to its interpreters credited for their excellent professional background in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, is up to provide effective verbal communication to any client during: • business meetings and negotiations; • informal meetings and public events; • sales by contract certified at a notary’s office; • business trips/missions and travels; • congresses, conferences and seminars; • cultural events and activities.


Orchid-94 offers to the client a full package of services: translation, editing, localisation, formatting, prepress processes and legalisation. Translations may be accepted and delivered according to client’s specific wish, using the most appropriate method: via Internet, by fax or using our courier. Orchid-94 performs legalisation, authentication and certification of official documents with all State institutions or consulates in the Republic of Bulgaria.


Orchid-94 may arrange full scale organisation of international corporate events: congresses, seminars, conferences. Our teams will take care of all stages of an event and will control its successful course: • reservations, meeting, accommodation; • logistical support; • technical equipment and synchronisation; • provision of interpreters; • catering; • cultural programme; • making personal gifts; • photo and video coverage,


Orchid-94 offers group or individual language classes for companies. The respective curriculum will be prepared according to a client company’s specific needs and may include: • general-purpose and specialised courses; • speaking and listening & comprehension skills development; • individual or group specialised professional language training: business, law, economics, medicine, etc. In his/her individual training, a client may choose among a variety of different training systems and length up to his/her requirements and the disposable time: • individual language training; • preparation of business negotiations and meetings; • developing language skills in a specific domain. Corporate training courses are delivered at the client’s office, at their convenience.