About us


  Orchid-94 EOOD was established in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria, as a specialised translation and interpretation agency. The Agency works with companies, institutions and natural persons and offers full package of services in both translation and interpretation.

  Orchid-94’s efficient work organisation and wealth of experience allow it to guarantee accuracy and promptness in performing both complex translation projects and small and medium orders.

  Agency’s professional work style and high service performance quality placed Orchid-94 amongst the established leaders in the group of translation agencies in Bulgaria years ago and made it a reliable partner fully matching any client’s requirements.

  Also, we have the capacity to offer additional services in language training and arranging different events on client’s request.


  The large number of professional and sworn translators and interpreters allows Orchid-94 to provide specialised translations and interpreting in all main domains and to/from all languages.

  All translations and interpretations are performed in accordance with the established procedures and are organised by highly qualified and energetic team always aiming at guaranteeing a flawless final result: technically and linguistically correct translation/interpretation and strict compliance with any terms or deadlines, agreed with the client.


  The work method imposed within Orchid-94 always aims at ensuring high service quality as we are well aware that the result of our work influences our client’s successful work. 

  A good translation is not only about the semantic text transference into the target language. It is also about promptness and accuracy, careful adapting the content to the linguistic and cultural system typical of the target country. 

  • acceptance of client’s order, arranging the receipt of the translation (by e-mail, courier or post);
  • co-ordination of all preliminary requirements: price of the translation, deadline, method of transmission or delivery of the translation, etc.;
  • preliminary text analysis of the text in terms of any language aspects, stylistic instructions, terminological examination and selection of the most appropriate specialised translator;
  • performance of the translation, terminological and style editing, proofreading and all other checks guaranteeing an irreproachable final result;
  • delivery of the translation, in accordance with the terms and conditions as agreed with the client in advance.

  Orchid-94 EOOD has at its disposal high quality hardware and software products meant to refine and unify the translations made in conformity with the applicable Bulgarian and EU legislation and requirements (TRADOS) in a variety of areas.

  All translations are performed applying the principle of confidentiality.